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A Deep Knowledge of the Law
The Tennessee law firm of Harrell & Associates includes five areas of law in its practice: bankruptcy, personal injury, divorce, criminal defense and juvenile court.

The firm's bankruptcy practice includes representation in personal and business cases and in repayment plans.
The personal injury practice at Harrell & Associates represents clients who have been injured in any number of ways. As a Collierville personal injury lawyer, attorney Michael D. Harrell accepts personal injury cases involving workers' compensation, slip-and-falls, injuries from defective products and dog bites, among others. The firm makes motor vehicle accidents a particular focus of its accident injury practice.

Divorce can involve a bewildering array of issues, sometimes encompassing not just family law, but many other areas of law as well. Because of its diverse practice base, the firm can confidently guide its clients through this complicated legal terrain. Harrell & Associates can help you get fair treatment when it comes to the division of marital property, determining fault in the divorce, setting amounts for maintenance and support, and addressing the needs of any children from the marriage. Michael D. Harrell brings to this area his understanding of asset issues developed in his practice as a Collierville estate planning attorney.

Michael D. Harrell is a criminal defense attorney who defends clients facing any number of issues. These issues range from vandalism to prostitution, from DUI to property theft, from driving with a suspended license to assault. Juvenile court cases involve juvenile delinquency hearings, but also a wider variety of cases than some people might think. For example, juvenile court addresses issues concerning child custody, contempt hearings, paternity and modification of child support.
Criminal Law
A criminal conviction will profoundly affect your life. The conviction will follow you no matter where you go, no matter what you did. It can affect job opportunities and financial opportunities, not to mention what it could do to your family life.

But there is hope. Whether the charge you face is a felony or a misdemeanor, a lawyer from Harrell & Associates will work with you to pursue the best outcome possible. The Memphis, Tennessee law firm of Harrell & Associates has more than 36 years of experience successfully defending clients against a wide variety of criminal charges. We have defended clients against charges of:
  • DUI
  • Prostitution and patronage
  • Driving with a revoked or suspended license
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Assault
  • Drug crimes
  • Violent crimes

The Firm Challenges the Government's Case

The firm begins by investigating the case for ourselves. Our attorneys gather and examine the facts to find weaknesses in the government's case against you. For instance, in a DUI case, our attorneys may look for facts that will allow a challenge to the validity of your Breathalyzer test. Or perhaps the firm's attorneys may find "search and seizure" problems they can use to challenge the way police may have gathered evidence against you.

In all of this, the job of a Memphis criminal law attorney is to show the court that the government cannot make its case against you beyond all reasonable doubt. If the government cannot prove its case beyond all reasonable doubt, then you will not be convicted of the crime. When the firm can successfully challenge the government's case, the firm may be able to get the charges against you dismissed before any trial occurs. If a trial does occur, the firm's lawyers may be able to win an acquittal for you, meaning you are found not guilty.

Even if the government has particularly strong facts to support its case, Harrell & Associates may be able to enter into a plea agreement with the government. This plea agreement may result in reduced or even dismissed charges against you.

Bankruptcy Law

The law firm of Harrell & Associates recognizes the dire economic circumstances that many people find themselves in throughout Tennessee. As a Memphis bankruptcy law attorney, lawyer Michael D. Harrell makes a special effort to serve the legal needs of his community when it comes to matters of bankruptcy, particularly when foreclosure, repossession and garnishment are involved.
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Should you file for bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is the legal mechanism that allows you to press the reset button on your financial situation. Rather than leave you in a state of permanent financial distress, our lawmakers decided that it makes much more business sense to get you back into the game. To get back into the game, let Harrell & Associates serve as your personal bankruptcy attorney.

Chapter 7 Foreclosure
Perhaps you are concerned about losing your house to foreclosure. If you want to save your house, you will want to consider Chapter 13 bankruptcy. But what if you do not want to save the house? What if you realize now that the house is simply a poor investment? Then bankruptcy is your opportunity to start over. You may be able to get rid of the house and the debt that goes with it by declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Attorney Michael D. Harrell and his staff have seen clients through this process, and they can explain how the bankruptcy process applies to your situation.

Chapter 7 Repossession
If your car has been repossessed and the bank is pursuing you for what you still owe on the loan, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be your solution. Chapter 7 bankruptcy prevents your creditors from collecting against you anymore for old debts. Rather than enter into a repayment plan for a car the bank will not even let you drive anymore, talk to our law firm about whether bankruptcy makes sense.

Chapter 7 Garnishment
You may also be getting garnishment by a creditor. If you are unhappy with the terms of the garnishment, if the creditor is simply taking too much from your check, you can use Chapter 7 bankruptcy to stop the garnishment. If a creditor has taken more than roughly $600 from you within the 90 days prior to filing bankruptcy, you may actually be able to take that money back from the creditor!
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Attorney Michael D. Harrell serves as a personal bankruptcy attorney to clients throughout the Memphis, Tennessee area. He advises clients regarding their options in considering bankruptcy either through Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Chapter 13 Foreclosure
Chapter 13 bankruptcy may allow you to keep your home. If you are behind on your mortgage payments, you may be able to catch up through a Chapter 13 "payment plan." For instance, if you are $20,000 behind on your mortgage, you may be able to pay that $20,000 back over the course of a Chapter 13 plan. Depending on your income, you may be able to finish your Chapter 13 payment plan in three years or, for higher-income clients, five years.

Chapter 13 Repossession
The same principle applies to your car. If you are behind on car payments, you can take those back payments and roll them into future installments in your Chapter 13 payment plan. Even better, if your car is now worth less than what you owe on it, you may be able to "cram down" the loan: Instead of paying the amount owed on the loan, you would instead pay into the payment plan the amount that the car is actually worth. And you would be able to make those payments over the course of the payment plan.

Chapter 13 Garnishment

If you are trying to stop a garnishment, you may want to consider Chapter 7 bankruptcy instead of Chapter 13 bankruptcy. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will help you stop the garnishment and may even put the money taken from you back in your pocket.
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
If you represent a distressed business in Tennessee and want to learn whether Chapter 11 bankruptcy will meet your business goals, contact Memphis Chapter I I bankruptcy attorney Michael D. Harrell. The law firm of Harrell & Associates regularly represents corporate clients seeking to restructure themselves financially through Chapter 11, sometimes called a "business reorganization plan."

Whereas mostly people tile for bankruptcy protection from their creditors under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code, Chapter II is mostly for businesses that want to file bankruptcy. In Chapter 11, a business can decide to continue on after bankruptcy with a new financial debt structure. Upon declaration of bankruptcy, all the assets of the entity become part of what is called the "bankruptcy estate." While a trustee administers the bankruptcy estate in Chapter 7 or 13, the business in Chapter 11 administers the estate itself. The business is therefore called a "debtor-in-possession," meaning the business is a debtor that possesses and administers the assets of the bankruptcy estate.
What Chapter 11 Bankruptcy May Be Able To Do For Your Business
As the debtor-in-possession, the business is empowered by the Bankruptcy Code to prepare a plan of reorganization for itself. This plan, however, must be approved by a majority of the business' creditors and then approved by the court.

A Chapter 11 reorganization plan can allow a business to
  • Pay back a portion of its debts
  • Eliminate the portion of the debts that are left unpaid
  • Eliminate contracts that the business no longer wants
  • Recover business assets
  • Rescale business operations

Personal Injury Lawyer

It is often true that your health is indeed the most important thing that matters. Few things in life make a person more aware of how true this saying is than an injury. When you have been injured, life suddenly becomes focused on the very basic items you used to take for granted: getting around the house, buying groceries, even simply paying for the medical services you require as a result of your injury.

The Memphis, Tennessee law firm of Harrell & Associates understands these issues. We help our clients manage them every day. Our firm has represented clients who have suffered
  • Neck, back and head injuries
  • Slip-and-fall injuries
  • Dog bites
  • Injuries from defective products
  • Injuries caused by a motor vehicle
  • Emotional injuries

What Harrell & Associates Can Do for You

An attorney from our law firm will work to ensure that you receive the maximum damages to which you are entitled as a result of your injury. To recover damages, a lawyer from Harrell & Associates will examine the facts surrounding your injury. We will explain to the court who or what caused your injury and who or what is answerable for the harm caused to you. Damages awarded to you by the court are called a "civil remedy." Keep in mind that your injury case will be heard by a civil court, not a criminal court.

As an example, people are sometimes hurt while they are on someone else's property. Often, these cases involve what is called a slip-and-fall injury. Perhaps someone slipped and fell on ice while shopping for a Christmas tree. The ice, however, resulted from the property owner neglecting to maintain his or her gutters to control water runoff and pooling. Harrell & Associates often serves as a Collierville slip-and-fall attorney representing people in these situations. The case could result in a civil court awarding damages to the injured person.
Car And Truck Accidents
The variety of motor vehicles on the road has always demanded the full attention of drivers. Combined with the recent availability of technology such as texting and cell phones, the roads have become more dangerous than ever. lf you have been injured by someone else in a motor vehicle accident or a motorcycle wreck, you need to understand your rights. You should contact Memphis car and truck accident attorney Michael D. Harrell.

The Lawyer for the Insurance Company Is Not Your Lawyer

Keep in mind that the attorneys for the insurance company do not represent you; they represent the insurance company. You will want your own legal adviser to help you protect your rights. The Memphis, Tennessee law firm of Harrell & Associates can serve as your legal adviser throughout this difficult time.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Michael D. Harrell represents clients who have been injured by another driver's negligence in all types of motor vehicle accidents, including
  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents

When representing you after an automobile accident, Harrell & Associates will first uncover all the facts of your case. The firm will then craft a legal argument it can present to the judge and a jury. The law firm will work with you so the insurance company, the judge and the jury understand the exact nature of your injuries. You will talk about how the injury has affected your ability to live your life and how it has affected the lives of your loved ones. To help you tell your story, the firm may also retain experts to testify on your behalf.

Experienced Trial Counsel

Michael D. Harrell has more than 36 years of lawyering experience. He understands when negotiation for a settlement best serves his clients' interests. He also understands when a trial may be necessary to best safeguard his clients' rights. Attorney Harrell's goal is to help you receive the proceeds and benefits that will help you continue your life and manage your injury.


A divorce can mean a time of chaos in your life. While you are dealing with the emotional weight of this difficult process, you do not want your legal issues to go neglected. Hiring an adviser during this time would give you the peace of mind you need to attend to what really matters: your family. Consider hiring Harrell & Associates to manage your legal details.

Memphis, Tennessee attorney Michael D. Harrell has more than 36 years of lawyering experience. Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, Michael D. Harrell understands the legal processes at work in your case. He knows how to provide you with the kind of legal advice you can rely on when you are dealing with significant issues such as child custody or alimony.

Child Custody and Support

Perhaps no issue weighs heavier on parents' minds during a divorce than the welfare of their children. Michael D. Harrell can help you get the custody arrangements that are best for your children. He can also help you get the support funds needed to provide for the children's expenses.

Property Division

When dividing any property, you need to ensure that you are treated fairly. Our goal is to help you protect your legal rights. We work with you to secure fair treatment for you in your divorce proceedings.

Experienced Counsel, Experienced Staff

The attorneys and staff at Harrell & Associates are experienced in helping clients gather the needed paperwork and facts to best make their case. Michael D. Harrell has seen all of these situations before. His experience allows attorney Harrell to advise you, providing you with the information you need to make informed choices concerning the legal options that may be available to you.
Child Custody And Visitation
The law firm of Harrell & Associates makes juvenile court a regular feature of its practice. Attorney Michael Harrell and his staff will work with you and your child so you understand what is happening in your son or daughter's juvenile court case and how it affects his or her rights. With more than 36 years of legal experience, attorney Michael Harrell knows how to fight aggressively to protect your rights and those of your child.

For many people, the phrase "juvenile court" conjures only images of juvenile delinquency. In Tennessee, juvenile court, however, involves far more areas of law than just juvenile delinquency. Clients find themselves in juvenile court when they are dealing with
  • Child custody
  • Contempt hearings
  • Modification of child support
  • Establishing paternity
  • Child visitation
The Need For Focused Legal Guidance
Unfortunately, even when their rights regarding their children are at stake, many clients do not understand the complicated legal processes at work in juvenile court. Clients may mistakenly believe that all they have to do is show up in court with their child and tell their side of the story. Few things could be further from the truth.

First, even if it is just the client's ex-spouse on the other side, juvenile court can be a highly charged emotional atmosphere. Clients and their children, therefore, benefit from having a lawyer who can retain the focus necessary to successfully protect their rights. Other times, clients may arrive in juvenile court and find that the other side, often an ex-spouse, has retained his or her own private attorney. On still other occasions, the court itself may have appointed a guardian ad litem to oppose the client.

In all of these situations, clients must have their own lawyer to help them understand how to navigate the legal waters.

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